Marco Lasagna
Marco Lasagna
Guided by the motto: "Less is more"

As a designer, I collaborate to product design by following the steps:
Idea / briefing
3D modeling
Product engineering
Production management through consolidated suppliers

I include the most advanced and promising technological innovations in design:
IOT (internet of things), nanotechnology, 3D printing, cutting-edge production techniques, aesthetic treatments and surface finishes.

I specialize in molds and plastic molding

I work with partners to obtain regional (Pos-Fesr) and European (Horizon, Sme Instrument) funding

I collaborate with Tecnopoli and University to integrate the latest technological developments

I contribute to the development of start-up, working alongside interdisciplinary team

I follow the procedures for obtaining national and European patents (PCT)

My goal is to respect the costs, times, quality and aesthetic / functional impact of the product, for the satisfaction of the customer and the end user.